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The video is inspired by symbols that have been used again and again in different cultures and religions. In my video, each symbol emerges and disappears as part of an ongoing cycle, with each repetition reinforcing the idea of the symbol’s special function in each culture system.

The Dance of Love

The movie is inspired by five elements from Chinese astrology and by events from my life. It narrates the journey of two lovers who fall in love when they dance together. During the dance of love, however, they have to overcome hindrances such as traditional family structures, geographical boundaries, and their fast-paced, urban lifestyle.


This video creates a virtual space that brings together typographic and symbolic iconography from Chinese and American cultures.

Web Developer
Graphic Artist
UI/UX Designer

I have been designing Graphic Art and Websites professionally for over 15 years. I create visually compelling and user friendly websites to the latest standards, branding solutions and graphic design.

Along with being a freelancer of web designer/developer, currently I am teaching web design courses on college level in Metro Detroit area.