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Find thousands of karaoke song lyrics from different languages, watch music videos and listen to customized music collections. Lala has everything you need to learn tuin in you

High Quality Music Collection

With Lala, you have access to a world of music in differnct languages. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Or choose a ready-made playlist that suits your skill level or get personalized recommendations.

Learning Languages

Our dynamic captions will bring real-world music within reach for you. All captions are subtitled and translated. Click on any word to see an in-context definition, compare your own voice and even take quiz after each learning chapter.

Lala on the go

Learning a new skill is the source of power. Let go of your fear. lala makes the learning much more interesting and effective with real authentic songs and videos.

Learning through music

We've collected the best karaoke songs and put it in one place. All songs or video are subtitled in target language and have clear translations. You can control the lyric modes from full lyrics to no lyrics click or half lyrics. If you can't understand one word, just tap to pause there to see in-context definitions and clear pronunciation.

Comprehansive learning lessons

Our learn mode teaches you by singing songs that are filled with real culture and beutifual literature. Each time when you click a word, it will be automatically added to your vocabulary lists. You can organized, review and even taking a quiz to make the learning more effective.

Built-in for Voice Comparison

What about you are not sure how you were singing? Or just want to hear your own voice. Here is the build in widget that could record, even compare your voice / pronunciation with the target singer. You will get a full list analysis on your accuracy with constructive feedback.

Quiz Timer

Adjustable timer gives your extra time and confidence in quiz time. With a rich, engaging experiences in the quiz questions, you will remember and master new vocabulary faster.


A comprehensive dashboard provides the easiest way to manage your personal setting and check your recent activies. If you are willing, you can also search friends and play online spelling word game with them.

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They are language learners from different skills level and ages.

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